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why can i not log in

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Update Log #11 - August 16th - Tile markers, new trading post, XP counter setup & more!

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#1 Mod X Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:34 PM

Mod X

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Hello everyone.


Today, I bring you another HUGE update log. I hope you will enjoy these updates, consisting of content additions as well as a ton of bug fixes and QoL improvements. Here's the list:


Trading Post
The trading post has received an overhaul ala grand exchange! A lot more stylish than the previous, dull interface and support for a ton more item slots, incrementing by your rank. Happy shopping!
Mystery Box changes
Reduced the rather extreme costs of certain mystery boxes slightly now that the eco has picked up a bit. If you have made a purchase within the last 72 hours, you will be able to claim mystery boxes for the excess sum you have spent (e.g. 4x super mystery boxes previously at $20 is now at $60, meaning you can claim another $20 worth of boxes after this update as long as the purchase was made within the last 72 hours). Contact me on discord if this is the case. The changes are as follows:
  • Mystery box - $7 -> $5
  • Super Mystery box - $20 -> $15
  • Pet Mystery box - $25 -> $15
  • Dragonic mystery box - $15 -> $10
Well of Goodwill
With the new dharoks item upgrades and the mourning blade being rather popular, I have gone ahead and added a new option to the well of goodwill. You may now donate for one hour of double barrows drop rates! I have also replaced the button with a more oldschool looking one, to match the rest of our interfaces:
Item Upgrades
All fusion items have been moved to the new item upgrade system. It now has support to display an item which is safe. If there is no safe item displayed, all items are consumed if failing the fusion.
XP Counter Setup
Courtesy of our new developer Clive, we've implemented a setup interface for your XP drops to customize to your liking. This is also the place to toggle combat XP drops to be equal to your hit now too.
Tile Markers
Tile Markers have been added. You can toggle these on/off by going to advanced options -> toggle ground markers. Any tile marker you make will save on your client. Perfect for PVMing safe spots or whatever.
Game Updates
  • Fixed the kraken slayer task. The tentacles should no longer be moving out of position either.
  • Fixed the message and dialogue for degraded items saying wise old man instead of weird old man and PKP instead of coins.
  • Removed the rockfalls at motherlode mine to make the deposit tray available (sorry).
  • The effect of the Konar pet has been changed to automatically pick-up Brimstone keys.
  • Fixed the hover for wilderness keys being swapped with blood money.
  • You should no longer get messages for being too far away of a player you're not looking up anymore.
  • Removed the glitched trade walking message.
  • Tidied up some game messages, e.g. added icons to represent what sort of loot/event has occured when a person gets loot.
  • Fixed the granite maul special attacks strength carrying over from the previous special attack weapon used.
  • Reduced the respawn time on Callisto.
  • Clicking the steps at Basilisk knights can now take you back down a floor again.
  • The bloody key should now be dropped on death, sorry about the confusion.
  • Updated the Heavy Ballista stats to match those on OSRS.
  • Morrigan's javelins/thrown axes as well as dragon knifes now have proper max hit formulas.
  • Removed the d hally from Zulrah's collection log as it no longer drops it.
  • Removed the divine crystal from corps collection log as it no longer drops it.
  • Fixed the sirenic mask female model being invisible.
  • Fixed the daily rewards interface popping up each time you changed your character look. This will happen only once again after this update.
  • Updated the prices on the teleportation device in donators' zone.
  • Fixed the bone burying feature in Catacombs that gives you +1 prayer point.
  • The blood and twisted heart should now have their proper names in loot yell.
  • Cleaned up a lot of game messages.
  • The drop rate modifier is now updated properly when wearing an item on the equipment screen.
  • Fixed the door clicking delay in CoX.
  • Kindlings are now removed upon leaving CoX and can not be saved to speed up the previous raid.
  • Fixed the adamant smithing interface referring to bolts as dart tips.
  • Your experience drops from barraging/chinning will no longer show up delayed/after hand if you have your experience counter closed whilst getting them.
  • Fixed an issue causing accounts to null after using the magic cape to switch their spellbook.
  • Clue bottles are now more common from fishing.
  • If your inventory is full when getting a clue bottle, it now goes to your bank (or on ground as an elite/ultimate ironman).
  • Made sure all defensive prayers toggled off when activating rigour/augury.
  • Dragon scimitar and helm of neitiznot are no longer globally yelled drops.
  • The elder multi-axe now uses custom animations that don't display another item model.
  • Reduced the frequency of random events when fishing.
  • Enabled voting for tournament styles again.
  • Previous broadcasts are no longer displayed upon logging in. Instead, a message is sent with the current broadcast.
Client Updates
  • The zoom has been adjusted for our client as the zoom distance was further than the view distance before.
  • The zoom wheel in your settings interface will now adjust properly with the amount of zoom applied.
  • Slightly increased the scrolling wheel sensitivity for zooming to match OSRS's speed more accurately.
  • Player names above heads are now toggled off per default. It can be toggled on and saved by going to advanced options -> toggle player names.
  • Experience drops are now in bold font like on OSRS.
  • Low-detail/graphics is now standard on the Client. If you wish to use tile blending and model smoothening, toggle on HD graphics in your advanced options.
  • Increased the camera speed of rotating with arrow keys a tad bit to match the speed on the OSRS client.
  • You can now toggle between drag settings (ranging from 5 (OSRS) to 20 (Pre-EOC). Use the drop down in your advanced options menu!
  • Your settings are now stored in a separate folder from the cache which means each time you download a new cache, your settings wont be reset (from this update and onwards).
In other news, a start to construction has been made. There's still plenty to do but believe me - we'll get there in due time!
Hope you will enjoy these updates!
Best regards,
The development team

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 Alex Posted 16 August 2020 - 01:39 PM



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