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why can i not log in

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Update Log #10 - August 11th - Interface re-work, Inferno fix, Item Upgrades, Client toggles & More!

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#1 Mod X Posted 11 August 2020 - 06:47 PM

Mod X

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Hello people!
As you may or may not know, we have a new developer aboard, Alex, and he's already making a mark! A huge thank you to him for many of the updates that we provide you with today. Note that this is the BIGGEST update post yet! Both new content, item upgrades, functions and fixes are introduced in todays update. I'll just jump straight into it...
Bank & Equipment Interface
The bank & equipment interface has received an overhaul and is now more aesthetically pleasing. The character model also rotates 360 degrees now as opposed to previously. You may access the equipment interface directly from your bank too. With this update, your active drop rate boost is displayed on the equipment screen rather than by clicking the price checker button. The price checker button has been replaced with a quick-claim trading post button for Supporters or higher.
Inferno Change
Inferno has gone back to being one, final boss wave again with the difference that Zuk has more HP now and will spawn his healers a bit earlier. The HP percentages remain the same for the Jad/Healer spawns etc. as before. This update will also take care of the bug where the inferno would auto complete upon killing one of the rangers...Sorry about the confusion.
Item Hovers
You may now hover over boxes and keys in your inventory to quickly see some of their possible loot. You may also hover over custom items and pets to see their specific effects and functions.
Client Touch-ups
  • Fixed up names above heads, they should now be more centered and not interfere with HP bars. The toggle now saves upon log out as well.
  • The toggle for HP/Prayer overlays are now properly saved upon logout.
  • A toggle for NPC/Skill icons has been added. This is the woodcutting symbol in your advanced options. This toggle also saves upon log out.
  • The money pouch has been moved to give the gameframe more of a OSRS-feel and to match the overall look of the game. You now have to right-click -> check amount to see how much your money pouch contains.
  • Game timers have been added for using the bonus XP lamp as well as the different imbued hearts.
Motherlode Mine
The motherlode mine has been added and you may now mine for pay dirt to get XP and ores. No golden nuggets have been added as
the Prospector outfit is available in other ways. This is mostly a method to gain fast experience and a wider variety of ores. You can find a teleport there by scrolling all the way down on the skilling teleports tab.
Kourend Diary
A start to the Kourend diary has been added. Most of the diary tasks are available right now, however there is an issue with the Dense mine map data which has delayed the release of it. Everything skill wise is finished but the objects are blacked out. Once we have replaced them you will be able to complete the full diary. You wont be able to access the interface for the diary until this is completed.
Item Upgrade System
A new item upgrade system has been added to compliment the item fusions. Note that any items failed in the item upgrade system will be consumed. Certain items have a 100% success rate in here such as the whip combinations and infernal pickaxe/axe. These are just there to show some of the possible combinations. More will be added to the interface later on.
Volcanic & Frozen Whip
These two cosmetic whips have now received effects:
  1. The frozen whip now has a 1/15 chance to freeze your opponent in place for 3 seconds. This applies to PvP combat only.
  2. The volcanic whip now has a 1/15 chance to burn your opponent for an additional up to 8 damage. This also applies to both PvM and PvP combat.
With this change, the prices of the respective upgrade kits in the bounty hunter store has been upped to 3 Million points each. Those who already had those mixes, well, you're in luck!
Lucky Godswords
The lucky godswords are cosmetic variations of the regular godswords but with an added +4 strength bonus, effectively increasing their potential max hit by 2. These godswords may be upgraded at a 33% chance by using all the items from their respective boss drop (e.g. full armadyl set + armadyl godswords for lucky armadyl godsword). Note that failing these upgrades will consume all these items.
Ghostly Dharoks
An upgrade on Dharoks has been added. This is a set that shares the stats of the regular dharoks set, however it has a 10% increase on accuracy when wearing the full set. It can be upgraded at a 33% chance by using 3 of each piece on the item upgrade interface. Good luck!
Elder Multi-axe
The elder multi axe can be created at a 25% chance by using a dragon pickaxe and a dragon axe on the item upgrade interface. It's the fastest both woodcutting and pickaxe in-game.
RuneLite tooltips
We've added the RuneLite tooltips to hovering items, objects and NPC's. These can be toggled on and off by pressing the maginifying glass in your advanced options.
Teleportation Interface
The teleport interface has received a more oldschool-ish look and has had some aesthetics fixed up, all courtesy of Alex.
Tournament Fixes
  • Players HP should now properly be set to 99 upon entering a tournament. This should get rid of level 3's starting tournaments with too little HP, thus having a huge disadvantage. I added multiple fail switches to make sure of this. Let me know if it, despite this, happens again.
  • Players overload effects are now cleared once entering a tournament.
Spellbook Swap
Players may now change their spellbook every 15 minutes with the use of their Magic Skillcape. This can be done anywhere on the map which makes it possible to teleblock someone and switch to the ancient spellbook whilst in the wilderness, for example.
Slayer Task Streaks
After receiving some feedback, I have re-done the slayer task streaks and the points they give a bit. The extra point rewards are now given as follows:
  1. 10 tasks - First level of point rewards (varies from slayer master to slayer master).
  2. 25 tasks - Second level of point rewards
  3. 50 & 75 tasks - Third level of point rewards
  4. 100, 150 & 200 tasks - Fourth level of point rewards
  5. 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 tasks - Fifth level of point rewards
  6. 500 & every 50th task onwards - Sixth and final level of point rewards
Misc. Fixes & Changes
  • Switching to a whip should no longer always put it on deflect.
  • Super Antifires now last 6 minutes rather than 3, just like regular antifires.
  • Super antifires may now be noted properly.
  • Players may no longer set up cannons in a Zulrah or Vorkath instance.
  • Added a delay to picking up cannons to avoid bugs and dupes.
  • Slightly buffed magic accuracy in PvM combat.
  • The achievements interface now has a progress bar to add some depth to it.
  • Made sure the combat dummy in donators' zone doesn't move.
  • Lowered the cost of charging a toxic trident to 1 scale per charge.
  • Added the proper equipment interface for trident of the swamp/demonic trident.
  • Crazy Archaeologist and the Chaos Fanatic should now reach you properly with range/mage distance.
  • Moved the Monster hunt spawn at chaos altar slightly north to make sure it doesn't get stuck and stop attacking.
  • Zul-Andra teleports are now properly deleted from your inventory when using them.
  • Added a short cooldown to using overloads after teleporting.
  • Fixed Cerberus's ranged soul spawn draining prayer if you didn't protect melee (was supposed to be range).
  • Increased the price of overloads in the blood money shop to 40 each.
  • The Dagannoth boss task is now simply called 'Dagannoth Kings' rather than 'Dagannoth Rex'. Any of the dagannoth bosses can still be killed on this task.
  • You may no longer pick up bloody keys mid-teleport to avoid the teleblock function.
  • Increased the prices for use of the teleportation device in donators' zone as they were very low.
  • Fixed a bunch of items that had the wrong model displayed in the skill interfaces.
  • The hard leather shield can now be equipped.
  • Removed Tome of Fire from the Chambers of Xeric collection log.
  • Removed Dragon Halberd from the rare drop table of the Vote Mystery Boxes.
  • Dragon Knifes now have their special attack.
  • Players may no longer use Zul-Andra/Key master teleports whilst mid-gamble (Planting flowers).
  • The Verac set effect is now effective against Demonic Gorillas that protect from melee.
  • Added a bank chest next to the fairy in the shopping area at home.
  • Increased the base amount of boss tasks to 5 for all but Jad tasks. Increased the maximum amount for a most boss tasks ranging from 15-22.
  • The Sirenic gloves now has a +2 ranged bonus both defensively and offensively above the barrows gloves.
  • The right-click "Join-party" option should now work on Chaeldar.
  • The maximum amount of traps that can be used is now increased by 1 when in the wilderness.
  • Decreased the respawn time of Vet'ion by roughly 33%.
  • Increased the KQ respawn time by roughly 300%.
  • Added wildy crates to the bounty hunter shop at 5 million points each.
  • Added tournament chests to the tournament shop for 1,000 ladder points each.
  • You are no longer frozen by rune and adamant dragons dragonfire breath attack.
  • The kraken can now be killed like before without disturbing whirpools (tentacles spawned) and should properly count towards your slayer task(s) again.
  • Kree'Arra has received a buff and can now hit a bit higher through your range prayers.
  • Added a disclaimer to the AFK island teleport stating only two accounts are allowed at a time per IP.
  • The rune crossbow is now on the uncommon drop table rather than rare at Crazy Arch.
  • Made sure all variations of the imbued hearts are yelled when received as a drop.
  • The K'ril swords have been nerfed and now only have a 33% chance of dealing the second hit.
  • Jad will now always spawn in the centre of the fight caves final wave.
  • Added clue scroll caskets to the donator's shop at a minimalistic price due to people sometimes ending up with e.g. 5 donator points left and being unable to spend them.
  • The login message for game developers has been changed and the icon aligned properly.
  • The bloody keys have been made untradeable and undroppable.
  • The kittens now show up as "Misc" pets instead of boss pets in your pet tab.
  • Nerfed the cash drops from Lizardman Shamans significantly.
  • The global bosses pets have been added to the pet collection log.
  • The KBD armour and Black DHCB has been added to KBD's collection log.
  • The K'ril swords have been added to K'rils collection log.
  • Fixed the equipment model for the Crystal platebody.
  • Fixed the Revenants and Demonic Gorillas collection logs not counting on certain forms/NPC's.
  • Item values corrected for: Bloody twisted bow, anguish (or), torture (or), sang staff, dark crab, raw dark crab.
Best regards,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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