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why can i not log in

@  Mod X : (27 August 2020 - 10:20 PM)

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Update Log #9 - August 3rd - Bank Options, Inferno Re-work & Fixes galore!

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#1 Mod X Posted 03 August 2020 - 04:47 PM

Mod X

    Founder & Developer

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Hello everyone!
Today, I bring you some very needed and sought-after updates/changes. The list is huge so I suggest you take your time to read through it. There might be some additions or changes that you have been waiting for!
Bank 1, 5, 10, X & All Buttons
The very much requested buttons from OSRS have been implemented into the game. Simply click one of them and the first option will always be that specific amount. This is very useful for skilling, for example when doing herblore you can set the value to 14 and just left-click your vials/herbs/whatever!
The Inferno Re-work
As the infernal cape is very sought-after and a best-in-slot item, we have decided to make the inferno slightly (only slightly) harder. With this update, we have wiped all infernal capes as well as pets aquired from gambling it. This to make it fair to anyone who will do the inferno after this point (any tokkul/items gained from the inferno before this point has been kept).
The inferno now has four waves rather than one:
  1. Jal-Xil + Jal-Zek (Ranger + Mager)
  2. Single Jad Spawn
  3. Single Jad Spawn + Jal-Xil + Jal-Zek
  4. Final Boss Wave (Same as before)
With this update, I have also re-worked the way that Jad starts his animations. Before, the first animation would sometimes be a bit choppy making it hard to react in time to his attack. This should no longer be the case and you should now be able to spot his animations in time when he spawns. Best of luck on your infernal capes!
Resizable Mode Fixes
With this update, a few fixes have been applied in regards to the resizable screen mode. They are as follows:
  • Fixed a crashing issue with Java running out of memory when switching between fixed and resizable/fullscreen mode. This was what was giving you a white screen before.
  • Your tabs are now transparent when in resizable mode as they should be.
Kraken Re-work
  • You now need to disturb the whirlpools (tentacles) before attacking the Kraken. 
  • One of the tentacles in wildy following you has also been fixed.
  • The spawns in the instanced slayer cave should now be fine.
Trading Post Fixes
  • Players may no longer list bloody keys on the trading post as a way of storing them. You may also no longer store bloody keys in your looting bag. 
  • Trying to sell an item for above max cash value will no longer crash your client. It will simply nullify your offer instead.
  • Changed the item name of serpentine helm to serp helm to shorten it down on the trading post interface.
Combat Changes
  • When switching from/to a whip (any whip) and ranged, made sure the attack styles don’t mess up.
  • When teleporting out from, for example, Vorkath your freeze timer will now be properly cleared.
  • Kril swords no longer hit on their second hit vs for example KQ, Demonic Gorillas and other NPC’s that block melee damage.
  • Nerfed the damage output (max hit) of the global bosses.
  • Rigour and Augury prayers may no longer be used with other defensive prayers.
  • Chinchompas now have the proper combat interface.
  • Made sure smoke, steam and dust staffs all have their proper infinite rune configs.
  • Staff of light now inherits the staff of the dead special attack.
  • The combat interface for equipping staffs now has an auto retaliate button and shows the combat/weapon name properly.
  • Fixed the barrage GFX being off on NPC’s (too high up).
  • Pestilient Bloat is now counted as an undead NPC’s, thus causing the salve amulet to be effective against him.
  • Attacking the Maiden healers should now make you follow them properly rather than you just standing in place.
  • Turoth animations have been fixed.
  • Fixed Bree’s death animation.
  • KBD, rune dragons and adamant dragons no longer hits through protect from melee prayer.
  • Nerfed adamant and rune dragons max hits significantly.
  • Fixed the adamant and rune dragons animations.
  • Removed some of the spawns as there was an unnecessary amount of dragons spawned.
Misc. Changes
  • Players can now pick up bloody keys at any level. The restriction of being 85 combat still applies to the statue that spawns every 90 minutes.
  • When buying items from a shop it will now check for money in your money pouch first. If you don’t have money in your pouch, it will check your inventory for coins.
  • Doing ::bh to remove the bounty hunter interface now saves on your account and it will no longer mess with the wildy level being displayed.
  • Significantly nerfed the coin drops from godwars minions.
Tournament Changes
  • You're now unfrozen when being moved out of a tournament.
  • Another tournament has been added at 2AM GMT every day. Enjoy night owls!
  • Replaced two of the saradomin brews in the Max NH load-out with anglerfish to shorten fights a bit.
Diary Fixes
  • Removed the ‘Pickpocket gnome’ diary entry in the westen diary.
  • Mining mithril ore will now count towards the falador diary anywhere.
  • The moss giant achievement has been fixed up and is now working properly.
Collection Log Changes
  • Removed the cave slime/kitten pets from the collection log.
  • Skotos, King Arthur Jr, Konar Jr and Verac Jr are now all on the pet collection log.
  • Fixed the Zulrah collection log sometimes not counting dropped items properly.
  • Added a Revenants collection log under the tab ‘Other’.
Skilling Changes
  • Made the different runecrafting pets a lot more common (slightly 3x).
  • The rogues outfit now has a more significant XP boost for pickpocketing compared to before.
  • Buffed crafting XP for creating black d’hide armour, charging orbs and battle staves.
  • Hunter has received a slight overall XP boost after a lot of requests (roughly 20%).
  • The dragon harpoon now counts as a harpoon properly and can be used for catching sharks or what not.
Bug Fixes
  • The OVL Heart message now says 7 minutes rather than 14 as it’s supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug with overload + dwarven rock cake being able to take you to 0 hp.
  • You can no longer spam click barrows chests or agility courses to finish daily tasks/achievements faster.
  • Fixed (finally) the Cooking XP hover showing Firemaking XP.
  • CoX completed now show up properly on the in-game leaderboard.
  • Fixed the CoX chest being spam clickable for achievement/collection log counter increase.
  • Wyrm, drake, superior dragon and hydra bones are now properly notable.
  • The Hydra’s fang can no longer be noted into a different item.
  • Removed the invisible “Gaps” at woodcutting guild.
  • You can no longer drop items whilst spinning a box/chest to avoid it interrupting the spin.
  • King Arthur Jr’s walking animations have been fixed and he will now follow you properly.
  • Fixed the ironman revert scroll; it now works for all ironman modes except for group ironman for obvious reasons.
  • Fixed the message saying Vannaka Jr was only doubling blood money when he was tripling it.
  • Fixed the brimstone ring (iw) being unwearable and not having its effect.
  • If completing a random event with a full inventory, money is now sent to your bank (or on the ground as an UIM).
  • Fixed Nieves’ cave entrance and exit. You may now enter if you have an active slayer task.
  • The dwarf cannon should now less likely be unclickable from certain angles.
I hope you will enjoy these updates and sorry for the long wait!
Best regards,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 ARIES Posted 03 August 2020 - 05:02 PM



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worth the wait.




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#3 THE Can Posted 04 August 2020 - 07:02 AM



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Love it, definitely good changes for the server. Looking forward to trying to get my cape again.

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