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Update Log #8 - July 24th - Right-click lookup, Combat Fixes & More!

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#1 Mod X Posted 24 July 2020 - 09:09 PM

Mod X

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Hello everyone.
Today, I bring you some great updates! A lot of fixes, improvements and new-implementations this time around. Also, a quick-reminder that bonus play is enabled and will be for the entirety of the weekend. Enjoy that!
Anyway, the updates are as follows:
Player Profiles
Player lookup has been removed from the wise old man and added to players right click menu instead. It now properly displays the gear of the player you're viewing too.
To set a motto after this update, simply type ::motto newmotto. To lookup a player that you're not next to, you can type ::lookup playername
NPC Droptables
You can now right-click NPC's and select 'View-drops' to view their drop table.
Raids Fix
When someone disconnects or leaves a raid, it should no longer make it uncompletable for the rest of the team. This only happens if the raid leader leaves, which causes the raid to end. Any other player leaving or disconnecting will not impact the raid. Thanks to X8 for reporting this issue.
Revenants Change
The revenants combat strategy has been altered slightly:
  • They now have a fixed 25% chance to heal themselves for anywhere between 5 and 10 damage when their HP drops below half. 
  • They will alter between attack styles properly now as opposed to before.
  • Their max hits have been adjusted to OSRS formulas.
  • The cave exit has also been fixed and is now clickable from all angles.
Blocked Slayer Tasks
Sponsors now get an extra block task slot and Super V.I.P's a second extra block task slot, making six blocked tasks at once possible.
Combat Fixes
  • When fighting another person with melee, your character should no longer switch positions whilst eating/re-attacking. The only reason your character should move and re-follow the other player is if you walk to another tile.
  • Splashing damage is now properly dealt both vs players and NPC's. 
  • You should no longer see double XP drops from your barrages/other magic spells in PvP.
Angler/Brew/Overload fix
  • Previously, when the tick that is supposed to heal you +1 if your hp is less than your max kicks in, your hp would reset. This is no longer the case if your hp is above your maximum. Instead, it will decrease by one as supposed to.
  • Fixed the issue in FFA where, if your HP was less than 99, anglerfish wouldn't let you eat higher than your max HP outside of FFA. It now recognises your HP as 99 properly.
  • Players are now healed +50 when the overload effect runs out again (Thanks to Rented Can for pointing it out).
NPC Combat Mechanics
Re-worked combat mechanics for the following monsters:
  • Drake's now have less wonky animations and proper attacks.
  • The Wyrms now transforms properly upon being attacked.
  • The Rune and Adamant dragons now have their proper attacks.
  • Fixed the Vorkath safe spot, he can now reach you across the room.
Misc. Fixes & Changes
  • The crystal bow has been fixed and is now properly wearable.
  • Western banners are now equippable (thanks to Iceking for pointing it out).
  • The falador manta ray achievement now counts when fished in fishing guild.
  • Players should no longer do a weird standing animation after dying in tournaments.
  • Lowered the value of Scythe of Vitur to 100M (added an extra zero accidentally).
  • Fixed the bone burying effect in Catacombs (sorry about the hiccup).
  • Regular ruby bolts are now usable.
  • Fixed an issue where entire Karuulm dungeon was a safe death for HCIM. Now only the hydra boss room is safe death.
  • Fixed the redwood stump being a coffin (lol, thanks to Aries for reporting).
I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to some bigger content updates next week when I get back from my trip.
Best regards,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 THE Can Posted 25 July 2020 - 08:29 PM



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Great updates, especially like the drop table changes through right clicking. Keep doing great job :D

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