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why can i not log in

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Update Log #6 - July 20th - Pathfinding Improvements & Tons of Fixes!

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#1 Mod X Posted 20 July 2020 - 09:57 PM

Mod X

    Founder & Developer

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Hello everyone.
I am finally back from vacation and can bring you a first update, mostly adressing important fixes & QoL changes. I will continue going through bugs and suggestions of yours whilst I start work on Raids 3 during this week so look forward to that! Anyway, todays changes are as follows:
Pathfinding Improvements
During the past day, I have been working a lot on fixing up pathfinding in general, both for PvM and PvP combat. A lot of overall tweaks and improvements have been applied. I'm sure it's not perfect yet, but it should be a lot less clunky than before. A few things that have been looked at are as follows:
  • Your character should now be less likely to clip into NPC's when running up to them with melee.
  • There should also be less dragging when attempting to use range/mage when out of range of a NPC. For example, if you're 12 squares away and you require 8 squares to attack, it will not run up to the NPC like you're using melee. It will stop once it reaches the distance required. 
  • Your attacks/actions should no longer be interrupted by a player/monster moving whilst running up to it.
  • Diagonal safespotting has been looked into and fixed up. This should cause a lot of unwanted safe spots in PvM combat to be fixed.
  • Also fixed a bug that applied to both PvP and PvM that caused the game to think you were under attack before you actually had completed the first attack on a monster/player, thus saying you're already in combat when you were not.
Please understand that pathfinding and following overall is a very complex thing to get a grasp on and understand so there's a lot more to it. I urge you to keep reporting things that you feel aren't quite there and have understanding for the fact that I'm putting all my energy into perfecting this aspect of the game for you.
Chambers of Xeric

Fixed the bug with CoX which allowed you to loot the chest multiple times. Every CoX item has been wiped due to this. Those who received items prior to the bug can message me and I'll back-track through the logs and re-imburse you. Same goes for those few that got ancestral pieces from super mystery boxes. Sorry for this hiccup and the issues it has caused.

Other Fixes & Changes
  • Fixed the basilisk jaw being referred to as 'unnamed'.
  • Added the alchemical hydra teleport to the boss teleports.
  • Added a background color to the money pouch.
  • Removed some spawns of Kurasks/Turoths and made them mobile.
  • Resolved an issue with auto-retaliate not registering properly in some occurances.
  • Fixed the bloody twisted bows stats, name, effect and animations. It is now working properly.
  • Changed the noted barrows pieces in the hunllef/solak loot tables to unnoted.
  • Fixed the oversized drake & abyssal demon pets.
  • Fixed the barrows interface not showing items properly upon looting the chest.
  • The clue scroll received from barrows is now hard rather than medium.
  • Nerfed the attack speed of Maiden in ToB and made her blood spawns less likely.
  • Lowered the HP of Pestilient Bloat in ToB.
  • Players may no longer yell whilst in jail.
  • The elf warrior rangers are now attackable again.
  • Slightly buffed the XP given for making super combat potions.
  • The mystery box donation package has been fixed and is now claimable automatically.
  • Fixed the kraken cave teleport. They may now be accessed properly from the teleportation menu. Also made sure you can enter the boss room if on task.
  • Added an aggro timer to sand crabs that lasts for 30 minutes. If a player does not move within 30 minutes, the crabs will become unaggressive.
  • The collection logs for wildy crates and tournament chests should now be working properly and count any items received from them.
  • Removed the message telling you to vote for tournaments when that future is disabled.
  • Vorkath killcount is now properly read and the head is dropped every 50 kills from now on.
  • Increased the supply of the runes in the magic shop.
I hope you will enjoy, and thanks for your patience!
Best regards,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 THE Can Posted 21 July 2020 - 03:10 AM



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Great updates my man! Keep it up!

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#3 Elliot Posted 21 July 2020 - 07:34 AM



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Love the updates - back to the grind of COX now

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