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@  42o : (10 September 2020 - 03:54 AM)

why can i not log in

@  Mod X : (27 August 2020 - 10:20 PM)

Please read and vote fellas: http://shilo-ps.com/...ure/#entry13963


Update Log #5 - July 16th - Fixes & More Fixes!

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#1 Mod X Posted 16 July 2020 - 10:41 AM

Mod X

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Hello everyone.


As you all may know, I have been on vacation for the past few days and I will be until sunday. I have however been temporarily at home for half-a day and managed to knock-out some quick fixes for you. When I get back, I will put emphasis on fixing up pathfinding and begin work on Raids 3. I'm truly looking forward to that but I hope these fixes will do for now:


Vial of Blood/ToB changes
  • Added vials of blood at a cost of 3,500 blood money to the blood money shop.
  • Moved Justiciar kiteshield, Avernic defender and Vial of blood to the uncommon drop table in ToB.
  • Made sure you can not teleport or move out of the ToB lobby by any means as it could cause smuggles with FFA/Tournaments.



Misc. Fixes & Changes
  • Fixed vorkath's head not dropping properly every 50 kills.
  • Fixed ultimate ironman/elites being able to click deposit all on the looting bag, thus losing all their items as they can't access banks.
  • Added the Skotizo pet at a 1/60 rate.
  • Significantly lessened the amount of Aviansies (and other NPC's) in the godwars dungeon as there were way too many.
  • Removed the duplicate banshee tops in the wildy crate loot table.
  • Significantly decreased the amount of times the random event interface shows up when fishing and thieving.
  • Replaced the blessed spirit shield with regular spirit shield in the blood money shop to give the holy elixir some value.
  • Looked into the DFS special attack. It should no longer make your clients crash. Let me know if you find more issues with it.
  • Ironman accounts are now able to access the tournament shop.
  • Players should now take damage from Revenants when having charged bracelets in their bank and not equipped.
  • Players are now frozen for 15 seconds when moved into the tournament area. This to allow potting up and arranging inventories to your liking before the fight begins.
  • Players may now equip holy blessings with their Craw's bow.
  • When a player reaches a 99 or 200M xp, it now tells you which mode the player is on in the global announcement.
  • Fixed the dragon sword special attack max hit formula as it was way too high; it is now according to the OSRS wiki.
  • Special effect chance should now be taken into account for with dragonstone bolts just as well as rune bolts.



Slayer Fixes
  • All revenants now counts toward a revenant slayer task.
  • All Kree minions now count towards the Aviansie slayer task.
  • Zakln gritch and Tstanon Karlak are now counted towards the Greater demon slayer task.
  • Basilisk knights now count towards any basilisk task.
  • The overloaded heart is now working properly. It has a 14 minute delay compared to the 7 minute delay of other hearts.
  • Increased slayer XP calculations as they were too low for both regulars and hard players. Let me know how they are now. Note that combat stats are supposed to be much faster, that's on purpose.
Flower Poker
  • Four of a kind in flower poker now counts properly and will not render in a loss.
  • Changing the item offers will now make the gamble not-accepted and have a slight delay to avoid scams.

I may have missed a thing of two - if so I will knock it out in the next update I make after my vacation, along with pathfinding fix-ups. Until then, enjoy.



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