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@  42o : (10 September 2020 - 03:54 AM)

why can i not log in

@  Mod X : (27 August 2020 - 10:20 PM)

Please read and vote fellas: http://shilo-ps.com/...ure/#entry13963


Update Log #3 - July 8th - Global Bosses, Sirenic Gear & More!

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#1 Mod X Posted 09 July 2020 - 12:04 AM

Mod X

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Hello everyone.
Firstly, I would like to apologize for the downtime earlier today. For this, I have prolonged bonus play and decided to keep it on for the rest of the week. Gladly, I have some positive news for you which is todays update. This will consist of a few new items being introduced to the game as well as a bunch of fixes and tweaks after your demands.
The updates are as follows:
Global Bosses
Every four hours, a global boss will spawn in the Ice Plateau area in deep wilderness (fastest way of getting there is teleporting to wilderness agility course). Anyone who deals 250 damage and stays in the area until the bosses are dead will receive an event key from that specific boss. The event chest can be unlocked by going to the shipwreck (pirates' cove), see picture below. The common drop table is the same for both keys but the Solak key will hold Sirenic gear at a rare rate whilst the Hunllef key will contain crystal armour pieces and the blade of saeldor. Other drops from the chest is obsidian pieces, barrows pieces and other misc. items. 
Note: Looting this chest will give you a PK skull.
Crystal Armour
The crystal armour can be obtained by looting the event chest with a Hunllef event key. It gives 3% damage and 6% accuracy boosts per piece when using the crystal bow or 15% damage and 30% accuracy when having the full set equipped (helm, legs and platebody).
Sirenic Armour
The Sirenic armour is a new BiS ranged gear with a lot of defensive bonuses, prayer bonus and ranged accuracy boost. It overtakes Void in accuracy and Armadyl in defense, however Elite void and Morrigan's is still superior in terms of raw damage.
XP Counter
Players may now right-click their XP counter and select to see combat XP drops based on their damage output. This is useful in PvP/Tournaments for example. Your XP received will be the same as always, only the drop will be according to the hit.
Fixes and Changes
  • Clue scroll caskets are now stackable.
  • In-game highscores have been fixed-up and now display top 10 online properly.
  • Chaos druids are now attackable again (sorry about that).
  • Added revenants (all as one) as a possible task to wildy slayer.
  • Added the overloaded heart to the slayer interface with an explanation instead of in the shop.
  • Looked into farming objects clicking offsets and increased the xp gained on hard xp mode.
  • Fixed the few copper ores that were giving clay instead of copper (sorry again).
  • Fixed one of the tin ores giving coal.
  • Made addy bar drops slightly more common from Aviansies.
  • Fixed the damage output of the new enchanted dragonstone bolts (effects weren't counting properly).
  • Fixed the equip and loot message of the Crystal Ring.
  • Made superior encounters more common (1/75 -> 1/60).
  • Players may now take a zamorakian spear to Oziach and make it a Hasta and vice versa. This costs 10M coins.
  • The DHL now requires a hasta to be created rather than a spear.
  • Added in the Kraken Cave teleport under slayer areas.
  • Fixed lava dragon bones being called spined armour set.
  • Fixed the reward chest interface being invisible in CoX.
  • The d'hide shields are now equippable again.
  • Fixed all of the dragon ornament kit upgrades.
  • Fixed the wrong Cavalier mask being given as a thieving achievement reward. If you have received the faulty one; let me know and I will replace it for you.
  • Tidied up the players online interface and added support for more than 50 players.
  • A slight nerf has been applied to the Veteran's blade. It's now slightly worse than the abyssal whip.
  • Improvements to the clipping at home; all objects and walls should now be properly clipped.
  • Players may now dismantle etherium bracelets (empty) by right-clicking -> dismantle for 500 ether.
Expect more updates tomorrow night, including a whole set of new item fusions and of course more QoL tweaks & fixes.
Until next time,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 BigShot Posted 09 July 2020 - 12:10 AM



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SIck updatesssss :D

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