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@  42o : (10 September 2020 - 03:54 AM)

why can i not log in

@  Mod X : (27 August 2020 - 10:20 PM)

Please read and vote fellas: http://shilo-ps.com/...ure/#entry13963


The Future

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Poll: The Future (22 member(s) have cast votes)

What option do you think would benefit the server the most in the long run?

  1. Alternative 1: Statistic & Economical reset, all logins & donator ranks kept, donator points refunded (16 votes [64.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 64.00%

  2. Alternative 2: No reset, just a server name change. (9 votes [36.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 36.00%


#1 Mod X Posted 27 August 2020 - 08:54 PM

Mod X

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Hello people,


Today, I adress you on a rather serious concern. As many of you may or may not know already, the first month of Shilo was hectic and was abrupted by me having an IRL crisis where I had to go out of town for more than two out of the first four weeks of uptime. This caused the game to be left in a state where a lot of gamebreaking bugs were present and a lot of potential players left, never looking back. We had over 1k unique player logins within the first week and a half. I can not begin to express how aggravating this is for me because, as you may have noticed, it's very hard to pick back up after a rough start.


Myself being unemployed at the moment, running this server as a full time job if not more, I truly want it to succeed due to the amount of hours I have put into it. Therefore, we have decided to re-brand ourselves as an attempt to put ourselves on the map again. We will shortly switch name to 'Avernic'. Now, with this change comes some proposed updates that many of you hopefully will appreciate and like. Regardless what the outcome of the following poll will be, here's a list of things that are bound to change:

  • A brand new custom home area, revolving around a grand exchange to go with the new trading post UI update.
  • Tournament spectator mode - Spectate PvP tournaments and see your friends (and enemies) die!
  • Music & In-game sounds - That's right, we're adding real OSRS music and game sounds to liven up the game some more!
  • Interface re-work - Expect to see some new, spicy interfaces and astonishing UI work from our developer Alex.
  • Full Great Olm - Any bugs we find during this testing phase will be fixed up and Olm will become an exciting, challenging raiding boss to get your chambers of xeric items.
  • A whole new website & forum design - The whole website is being redone, back and front-end, to look more appealing and be easier to use.
  • Client & Server speed - The game and the client will be optimized and run a lot smoother than it ever has before.
  • Expansion on the RuneLite addition - More plugins will be added over time to make your gameplay even more customizable and enjoyable.
  • New OSRS Items - Items such as the nightmare staffs, amulet of blood fury and more will be added to the game as we are now loading the latest OSRS data.
  • Bank loadouts - A new preset will be added where you can save and load inventory and gear presets with one click at any bank. This will save you time when doing any course of action in-game, whether it be skilling, PvMing or PKing.
  • Daily bug fixes - We will continue to go through and implement any bug fixes & QoL additions that you may find. Emphasis will be put on giving you smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

We will continuously post updates and sneak-peeks in the Avernic discord. Feel free to join it and get socialized - we'll be hosting some invite competitions and giveaways for the release of this big update!


The Poll


So, all of this brings us to the main point of this topic - what do we do to Shilo? Simply put, there are two alternatives with different pro's and con's. It's very controversial to even spark discussion revolving a reset but we feel the circumstances require it. Before you make your decision, please take a moment and consider what you truly think is best for the longetivity of the new server, Avernic. I wouldn't be creating this poll if it wasn't absolutely necessary.


NOTE: Regardless of what decision is made, ALL donations made to the server will be kept and transferred. You do not have to worry about that.

  1. Alternative 1: Statistic & Economical reset. All donator ranks will be kept and points will be refunded according to your amount donated (amount donated x2). $100 of your amount donated will be refunded per day after release to avoid too many items being distributed into the economy at once. All account logins are kept with ranks but statistics & items are wiped. If this was to happen, we would host new competitions for first to max and what not and put emphasis on it being a new server in our advertisment campaigns.
  2. Alternative 2: No reset, just a name change. The server 'Avernic' and anything that comes with it will be released as one big Shilo update but your account will not be changed. If this was to happen, we would focus on hosting events and potentially pvp tournaments for OSRS GP/in-game bond rewards to boost activity and put emphasis on our new updates in our advertisment campaigns.

Please voice your opinion below and vote in the poll. Take a moment to consider what YOU personally believe is the best, most effective decision for the longetivity and upkeep of the server. The poll will run for 48 hours from the time this post is made, so by saturday night we will make a decision based on the outcome of this poll.


Best regards,


Shilo staff

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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