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Update Log #12 - August 26th - RuneLite, Great Olm & More!

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#1 Mod X Posted 26 August 2020 - 09:31 PM

Mod X

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Hello people.
Today, we finally bring you a looooong overdue update. It contains a TON of fixes and new content for you, including new Great Olm boss mechanics, RuneLite UI and more! I wont go into too much detail here as the full list is below. To compensate for the delay, we are offering you 50% extra points on all claimed bonds from now until sunday. This means, if you buy a $10 bond for example, you will receive 30 points rather than 20! Sweet, huh?! Anyway, the updates are as follows:
RuneLite UI
We have implemented a RuneLite UI to the client frame! You now have all your client toggles in the right-hand side under the settings tab. Any change you make to these settings is saved locally on your PC.
Great Olm BETA
The chambers of xeric raids have been scrapped and we have decided to slowly but surely go towards full, authentic OSRS boss mechanics! Right now, the raids work just like before, enter with your clan, but you will now only fight the great olm. The catch is that he now has all of his attacks!  Some mechanics may function a tad bit differently due to our combat system, but for the most part it tries to mimic OSRS Olm mechanics and should now be much more strategically challenging. In order to receive loot, you will need to deal atleast 100 damage. Note that dying, as it's only one room, will remove you from the raid and put you outside of the chambers.
This to make it, although less time-requiring, harder and more important to actually learn the mechanics of Olm.
Advanced Options
With the implementation, account specific settings (previously in bottom of your quest tab) has been moved to the advanced options interface. Here, you may find toggles for any account specific settings such as bounty hunter and KDR overlays, skill messages and vial smashing.
Money Pouch
As it didn't really fit the oldschool gameframe, we have decided to remove the money pouch. Any contents in it will have been sent to your inventory or bank upon first login after this update. If you're an ultimate ironman and didn't have space in your inventory, the coins would be placed on the ground.
Bloody Keys & Event timers
A message will now send 3 minutes ahead when the global boss, ma2 bosses and bloody keys are about to spawn. You are also able to click on the bonus skill in your quest tab to see the time left, and see a count down for the ma2 and global bosses spawn time.
  • Fixed the issue with sometimes having to stand next to NPC's when talking to them/running up to them.
  • Fixed the issue of certain NPC's hitting over walls, e.g. ice warriors. Let us know if you find any other NPC's that copy this behavior.
Voting re-work
  • One vote on the website is now worth 1 vote ticket in-game.
  • We have removed the claim from the chest and reduced the shop prices; vote mystery boxes and bonus lamps are 5 points each.
  • Players may also now click 'Claim' on their ticket rather than using them on a bank booth.
Latest OSRS Data
We are now loading the latest of OSRS data, revision #190. With this update, apart from endless possibilities, a bunch of fixes are included:
  • The player identity kit has been fixed and you will now be able to use all styles without going bald or anything of the sort.
  • Map data in for example warriors guild, Zeah and woodcutting guild has been fixed. All trees are now available in woodcutting guild as they should.
  • Certain item models that weren't being equipped/showing up properly now do.
  • The party pete pet now has the proper coloring.
  • The vengeance animation now works again.
Bug Fixes & QoL
  • Fixed the trading post listings now displaying properly.
  • Players may now toggle on or off the examine NPC's for drop table plugin instead of having an extra view-drops option added to them.
  • Fixed XP counter colour saving and positioning in resizable mode.
  • Fixed the message of daily tasks and made it toggleable with the skill message filter.
  • Changed the broadcast messages to be more friendly to the eyes.
  • You may no longer walk or close the interface when spinning on boxes.
  • The interface is now cleared when you don't have materials/level requirement for fletching bows.
  • The edgeville dungeon teleport now takes you outside the gate to chaos druids instead of the start of the dungeon.
  • Added a compost bin to the donators' zone.
  • Added the vote mystery box to the hover menu to display rare rewards.
  • Fixed the protection and shop value of Ghrazi rapier.
  • Added the OSRS KDR overlay when you're in the wilderness. You can toggle this on and off just like with the bounty hunter widget.
  • Made changes to the slayer achievements. The beginner achievement now gives 500k and dragon boots whilst the next one gives 750k and a supply crate.
  • Lowered the ring of wealth (i) value to not display on items kept on death as a keep item when it's auto kept.
  • Fixed the level requirements to wear dusk mystic gear.
  • Added the vesta spear to the bloody chest collection log.
  • Fixed the broken floor maps in e.g. theatre of blood.
  • Fixed a dialogue spelling mistake in the starter tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with stats not draining properly if your HP was boosted above your actual HP (e.g. with brews or anglerfish).
  • Fixed attacking distances in Inferno. You may now use the blowpipe in there again.
  • Players are no longer placed in a weird pvp area when logging out during the theatre of blood.
  • If you have bounty hunter overlay toggled off, it will no longer show up when you teleport back to edgeville.
  • Moved Krystillia outside of the jail bars, where the weird old man was, and put the weird old man in edgeville back (item repair/crystal exchange guy).
  • The well of good will should now be fully functional again for all four choices.
  • All elf warriors now have drops.
  • The furnace in donators' zone can now be left clicked to bring up the smelting interface.
  • Fixed the 'collect' options on all bank booths around home (trading post collect).
  • Fixed relleka agility course giving marks of grace all the time. It now has a random chance just like all other courses.
  • Ancient shards are now untradeable.
  • The magic shortbow now requires 55% whilst the magic shortbow (i) requires 50% special attack energy.
  • Fixed the HP bar overlay flickering when fighting Olm and Zuk due to being too far away.
  • You can now switch spellbook with your magic cape in your inventory by right-clicking and selecting 'spellbook'.
  • The bug with motherlode mine has been fixed and it will no longer give insane amounts of XP.
  • The chaos fanatic and the crazy archaeologist should no longer attack you from melee distance when using range/mage.
  • Fixed certain tradeable items not being able to be put into the looting bag (e.g. dusk mystic, hydra's fang and more).
  • Prayer XP drops is no longer affected by toggling combat XP drops on/off.
  • Fixed the brimstone key pickup effect on the Konar pet.
  • Fixed the super antifire potions being unnoteable once noted in bank (if you have noted ones in bank, withdraw them and deposit them again).
  • Fixed the names of certain items in-game, e.g. burnt dark crabs.
  • Increased the elder multi axe chop speed when woodcutting.
I hope you will enjoy these updates despite the delay,
The development team

"You make your own success."


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