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@  42o : (10 September 2020 - 03:54 AM)

why can i not log in

@  Mod X : (27 August 2020 - 10:20 PM)

Please read and vote fellas: http://shilo-ps.com/...ure/#entry13963


Update Log #2 - July 7th - Live Highscores & Slayer Chng

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#1 Mod X Posted 07 July 2020 - 05:19 PM

Mod X

    Founder & Developer

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Hello everyone.
I would like to thank you for the immense support we have been receiving over the course of the first two days! Hitting over 60 players online already is fantastic and I can assure you we're not satisfied yet. Anyway, today I have some updates for you. They are as follows:


Slayer changes

  • Made sure that your blocked tasks show up on the task interface after relogging.
  • Made changes to the way slayer XP is calculated. It is now based on the npc's HP rather than the original task you received. This will, for example, increase the XP received if killing a demonic gorilla on a black demon task and not base the XP output of the base task.
  • Lowered the prices of some things from the slayer unlock interface.
  • You can now buy a random clue scroll casket for 30 slayer points.
In-game Highscores
Leaderboards have been added in-game. These are live leaderboards that display top PKers and PvMers of those currently online and playing.
Misc Fixes
  • Scorpia has been added to the collection log.
  • Corrected the drops for wildy bosses and corp in the collection log.
  • Removed the broken veng animation that made you practically dance.
  • Fixed infernal faceguards equip model.
  • Corrected the wildy boss message saying they were spawned at east dragons when they were spawned north of hill giants.
  • Elf warriors have been changed to elf archers (the sort that attacked with range animation but had a spear).
  • The different variants of dragon bolts may now be enchanted and have been made stackable. Jade, Opal, Topaz and Pearl bolts are still missing but the rest are fully craftable and enchantable with their proper effects (e.g. Ruby dragon bolts (e), Dragonstone dragon bolts (e), Onyx dragon bolts (e)). The rest will be added in the  next day or two.
  • Added ID identifiers to the players online list.
  • Added back Thessalia to varrock's square.
  • Added toad's legs to Kaqemeex secondaries shop.
I hope you will enjoy these updates, and keep enjoying the game!
Best regards,

"You make your own success."


Do _NOT_ send me PM's. I wont respond. Instead, use the official ticket system.

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#2 BigShot Posted 08 July 2020 - 10:59 AM



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Live highscores is super cool!

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#3 Tom Posted 08 July 2020 - 02:37 PM



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Keep up the good work!

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